Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Most Anticipated Games of 2014

I know, I am being extremely unoriginal and not different from all the gaming webs and blogs out there, but I just had to. The list of my most anticipated games in the next year is almost a tradition that every gaming „journalist“ is bound to do.

So, in this probably shorter than usual article, you will see my 5 Most Anticipated games of 2014 in no particular order.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has outdone itself. This year, he presents two new gaming brands, both set in post-modern world, both in third-person view and both very interesting. Yes, as you may have guessed, the second is Tom Clancy's The Division, about which I am going to talk later.

Watch Dogs is based on the ability to hack and influence nearly every electronic device in the environment around you. This, in combination with GTA-like, sandbox city with variety of side quest and activities, may be an awesome game.

The Division

As I said earlier, Ubisoft announced two new brands. The second is The Division, and it is maybe one of the most interesting gaming projects of late. It wasn't initially planned to be released on PC, but as a result of „a vocal and passionate PC community“, exactly that is going to happen.

The game is centered in a pseudo-post-apocalyptic New York City, with you being member of America's special forces. These are trying to retake the urban wasteland from a virus, that has been wreaking havoc on the entire American population. The best thing is, you can meet other players and interact with them, having a sort of MMO experience built in. Really good looking game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Okay, I will admit – and I am truly ashamed for this; I have never played any game from The Witcher saga. But after looking through the trailers, i had to admit, that it looks amazing – 20 percent bigger than Skyrim, beautiful graphics, interesting story with numerous choices, it just looks spectacularly good, and I am happily looking forward to playing this game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

I loved the first Dragon Age, I hated the second. Yeah, I am like everybody else, but it is just so. BioWare botched the second Dragon Age with arcade-style fighting and linear gameplay, the opposites of aspects, that made the first Dragon Age so successful.

But so far, the third installment in Dragon Age franchise is shaping up to be at least satysfying for the eagerly awaiting fanbase. You will now have freedom to make your own character, who is the head of Inquisition, thus giving him quite the power to shape the world to his whim; and you will have a big world to explore, hordes of demons to kill and network of agents to send on quests. Sign me in.


Ok, I have never really liked multiplayer shooters (well, just everyone plays them, right? eh..), but Titanfall is actually looking, that it'll convince me to play them. For hundreds of hours probably.

I do not know much about this game, but all who've played it are loving it so much, that my multiplayer contestant inside me is probably sold already. Come on, giant walking controllable mechs, jet packs and wall jumping? Whoo.

So, there it is, my list of my most anticipated games in 2014. As always, let me know what you think in the comments down below and share this post on whatever sharing site you like.


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  1. Hey Indigo, cool blog! It always amazes me how well people from over-seas speak English. Your grammar and punctuation is better than most

    Anyway, on to your list. Very well done. I agree with all your choices except for 2.

    1) Watch Dogs - For me personally, I'm kind of an impatient gamer these days. I have appx. 60 games on my backlog that I haven't even started yet, so if a game doesn't grab me right away I'll drop it and move on to something else and probably won't give it the chance it deserves. For that reason, I'm not a big stealth-game guy. I have a funny feeling Watch Dogs may be one of those games that has superb technology/graphics but not necessarily fun to play...I hope I'm wrong. I would replace this choice with Destiny, a game that takes all of Halo's shortcomings and corrects them (open world, character development, weapons that are fully upgradeable and customizable, etc...). This one can't miss.

    2) Titanfall - I, like you, am not big on multiplayer shooters. It's not enough for me to kill more players than everyone else. I need story, a sense of progression, and a climax at the end. Multiplayer shooters simply can't deliver on those. Besides, I went with a ps4 and I won't be getting an XB1 for a while. I would replace this with a game I was surprised not to see on your list since it seems you like RPGs: Dark Souls II. Maybe you haven't tried the previous games? In any case, this is another can't miss game for me. I sank hundreds of hours into the previous games, I can't imagine this will be different.

    Honorable mention: Star Citizen. I would replace Dragon Age: Inquisition with this one except there's a chance it won't be out until 2015. I can't wait for the game that will finally (hopefully) bring the glorious Space Sim genre back into the mainstream.

    Will be seeing you, Indigo!


    1. Hi Shant, thank you for liking my blog and be sure to come for more!

      Thank you for appreciating my English skills, and while I don't want to brag, be sure that the majority of Czech people of my age isn't able to speak English like that.

      While I know about Destiny, I've frankly never owned a game console, so I've never played jewels like Halo or other console-only games I would like to play. So, I'll have to stick with PC games on my blog... for now.

      I haven't played Dark Souls, but I guess I should finally find out, what is all the fuss about. Thank you for the tip.

      I fully and sincerely agree with you on Star Citizen, and while I'm already in love with this amazingly promising game, as you said, it probably won't be fully done until 2015, so I'll have to pass it for now.

      Mr. Indigo